Mobile Charges

Typically, 0845 charges are substantially higher from mobiles, but again depend on your provider, the time of day you call and your phone plan.

The cost of calling 0845 numbers is made up of two parts: a service charge (cost per minute) set by the organisation you are calling and an access charge (cost per minute) going to your phone company.

For example if the access charge is 45p and the service charge is 5p, the total cost of the call with be 50p per minute.

The service charge for calls made to 0845 numbers is typically set between 0p and 7p per minute. Click the links below for more detailed information on the charges for each provider.

Below are a list of the average access charges for each telephone provider:

Provider Pay Monthly Pay As You Go
Daytime Evening Daytime Evening
BT 30ppm 30ppm 30ppm 30ppm
EE 44ppm 44ppm 44ppm 44ppm
O2 25ppm 25ppm 25ppm 25ppm
Orange 44ppm 44ppm 44ppm 44ppm
TalkTalk 25ppm 25ppm 25ppm 25ppm
Three 25ppm 25ppm 25ppm 25ppm
T-Mobile 44ppm 44ppm 44ppm 44ppm
Virgin Media 36ppm 36ppm 36ppm 36ppm
Vodafone 45ppm 45ppm 45ppm 45ppm


PPM – Pence per minute


Information is accurate as of January 2016. Please contact us if you believe any information to be incorrect.